Wednesday, October 13, 2010


bad news, spent too much money today
good news, spent it on nice thingies

maps & atlases gig on friday
yeasayer next thursday
wombats show in february
interpol ticket for march

and i also booked my flight to australia for january
& sunset sounds festival; i'm looking forward on going back to australia in summertime
i have already had it with these cold european temperatures

oh, and i'm also uploading some pictures I found at my uncle's place
he passed away not so very long ago
my family gave me all his photos because they know i always loved his work

fran├žois was 81 years when he passed away
these are some of his photos from 1950 and 1960
a time when my he often went to switzerland on vacation



  1. Wow! These are incredible. Switzerland looks so beautiful. I can't even pick one that I like the most!

  2. Thank you so very much :)
    Youre incredibly lucky to get to Yeasayer and to got to Sunset Sounds! Damn being underage!
    The photos are beautiful!

  3. Awesome photos. your uncle must have had a fantastic life!

  4. Je oom heeft hele mooie foto's gemaakt. Ik heb mijn tickets voor Interpol ook! En naar The Wombats wil ik ook graag alleen is er nog twijfel.
    + je hebt gelijk, het is geeneens winter, maar ik ben de koude nu al beu.

  5. Dude, die waterval.
    Alles zo.


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