Sunday, January 31, 2010


oh saturday 30 - 01 - 2010
you will be remembered forever,
forever, ever, forever, ever??
or at least parts of you
i will remember naomi, who was really nice
and Indie Kid playing nice tunes
and a fight with tobias
the hugs with tobias later that night haha
and the long walk back in the snow

i forgot my camera at björn's that day
i also forgot my umbrella :D
and my wallet :/
and almost my gun, i think this will sound weird?
so no photos of Indie Kid's dj set

today - sunday -
we wasted our time watching Flight of the Conchords
and playing 1992's Super Mario Kart
on Super Nintendo (: (: (: - no we are not emo -
also at björn's

we decided to give his living room a makeover
he moved in only a couple of days ago
and all the walls are still blank
it's quite depressive :/
I hope we can do that next week?

something else;
new skins SE4 is finally out !
follow this Canadian blog for updates
and links to download the episodes or other skins related material


some nice people already uploaded some videos of the Enter Shikari concert
on youtube

it was wild
they were brilliant, once again

i love their new stuff :
Enter Shikari - Hectic (live at Trix, Antwerp)

but I think their old songs still kick much more ass :D
Enter Shikari - Mothership

wOOt !

Saturday, January 30, 2010


two weeks ago in Oslo in the Back to The 80s museum
I saw the masters of the universe collectors figures
as a kid, we grew up with the He - Man series

oh I dreamed about them several nights
I looked it up on the internet
and found this store in Hasselt : Paplou
or visit them on facebook

Björn joined me
and we found them (: (: (:

oh mannn
I want more figures
and da purple castle

Masters of the Universe
in my room

wrroar !

Thursday, January 28, 2010


post-travel depression

tonight we are going to the Enter Shikari concert in Apetown
it will be massive
first time they will play the song Antwerpen in Antwerp itself
it will explode, i'm sure

"It appears the foundations
of all our great nations
are lies and indoctrinations.
So if Silvius Brabo collects the hands of giants...
will you join him? "

let's cause some havoc (:

i don't even remember who took my camera
and shot me
but that's alright
today everything will be ok (: (:

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


from time to time
you need to stop
look back
look back at the mistakes
learn from them
and hope certain things
will never ever
ever happen again :/

These are some photos from the holocaust center
we visited in Bygdoy, Oslo

some weren't even five
that's disturbing :/

and sometimes they survived


oslo's opera house

I like going to historical museums
they always have amazing things
incredible how the hairz of this woman were remained
it is believed she died in 1069 BC

Oh bones, starved of flesh
Surround your aching heart
full of love.

viking ships ftw
if you're interested:
these boats were burried along with their owners
and were found in grave mounds in Norway
dating back to the 800's

Royal Palace

I don't like ice skating
it seems in Norway they do

from the hotel roommm

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