Tuesday, January 26, 2010


oslo's opera house

I like going to historical museums
they always have amazing things
incredible how the hairz of this woman were remained
it is believed she died in 1069 BC

Oh bones, starved of flesh
Surround your aching heart
full of love.

viking ships ftw
if you're interested:
these boats were burried along with their owners
and were found in grave mounds in Norway
dating back to the 800's

Royal Palace

I don't like ice skating
it seems in Norway they do

from the hotel roommm


  1. Ik houd ook niet van schaatsen, komt waarschijnlijk omdat ik niet kan schaatsen. Maar moest ik het toch kunnen, dan zou ik het toch niet leuk vinden.

  2. haha neen :D

    zelfde hier
    ik kan het niet
    en wil het niet (':


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