Sunday, January 31, 2010


oh saturday 30 - 01 - 2010
you will be remembered forever,
forever, ever, forever, ever??
or at least parts of you
i will remember naomi, who was really nice
and Indie Kid playing nice tunes
and a fight with tobias
the hugs with tobias later that night haha
and the long walk back in the snow

i forgot my camera at björn's that day
i also forgot my umbrella :D
and my wallet :/
and almost my gun, i think this will sound weird?
so no photos of Indie Kid's dj set

today - sunday -
we wasted our time watching Flight of the Conchords
and playing 1992's Super Mario Kart
on Super Nintendo (: (: (: - no we are not emo -
also at björn's

we decided to give his living room a makeover
he moved in only a couple of days ago
and all the walls are still blank
it's quite depressive :/
I hope we can do that next week?

something else;
new skins SE4 is finally out !
follow this Canadian blog for updates
and links to download the episodes or other skins related material

1 comment:

  1. yesss, my walls need some colour. this week is okay, i think. or maybe next week. we'll see.


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