Tuesday, January 12, 2010


for my last day in Australia,
James kind of arranged this picnic

we had bubble drinks
and blew bubbles

we aslo went to see
It's complicated;
seeing Meryl Streep smoke pot was hillariously epic

I will miss Australia
but we will definitely come back for some roadtrip adventures

in the meanwhile I'm looking forward to my homecoming kigu evening with some of my friends
who I have missed sah much
next time I want to take them all with me

I ll only stay in Belgium for 2 days
before I fly through to Sweden w/ Levi

and this is the view from Brisbane airport

this year started so cool
in New Zealand, Australia & next week I'll be in Sweden & Norway
and that will pretty much be it
because I definitely will need more money at a certain point (':

I think the most exciting part of travelling
is meeting all these cool and interesting people
like here in Brisbane
and at Lord's Lodge in Prahran, Melb

take me back

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