Sunday, December 27, 2009


Our last day in N-Z
From Dunedin to Christchurch

and one of nature's creations;
The Moeraki Boulders

we had lunch at Fleur's place
they had their own boats
so we were having that what was fished that morning
that's about as fresh as it gets

I love places like this, where time never seems to move
and have an idea of how things used to be

sea LIONs.

from Milford we drove to Dunedin
well, David was hitting the pedals
I was saving my girl from evil
in these adventerous dreams

We had a stop at Sandfly Bay
not really sure why they named it like that
this actually was one of the few beaches
without sandflies

maybe these wroarring sea lions scared them
we stayed however
amazing creatures from the ocean


some pictures of Milford Sound
we looked so tiny
floating next to Mitre Peak

and look
it's Russell Leetch from Editors
[I'm not talking about the above mentioned seal, scroll down (: ]
with his girlfriend from Ra Ra Riot
woo woo

but I didn't really talk to him
what if he asked whether I like their 3rd album
and i think it s shit
I could never say that
I really liked the Back Room
I used to wake up to that album for months
- not kidding -
and I respect them sah much

so yeah
i just took this paparazzi kind of photo
and stared at him for like the entire tour
on Milford Sound

oh god.

- I will see him and the rest of Editors again
on Sunset Sounds in Brisbane
in 2 weeks
should be great

Oh New Zealand
you have my heart

Saturday, December 26, 2009


This definitely is the best way of travelling.

this world is no place for a mind or a thought.

We also watched Where The Wild Things Are [again] in Queenstown.
love that movie (:


atm I'm in Sydney (: (:
at this Global Gossip i-net place
& it's raining
like a lot

But the backpackers hotel where I'm staying is awesome
some belgian and dutch people are staying there as well this weekend
so that is just as sweet as

There are still some photos of our last days in New Zealand I want to upload
but I need to find a USB stick somehere first

so maybe I'll upload them this afternoon
or tomorrow

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


big icy things coming from the mountain

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