Sunday, December 27, 2009


some pictures of Milford Sound
we looked so tiny
floating next to Mitre Peak

and look
it's Russell Leetch from Editors
[I'm not talking about the above mentioned seal, scroll down (: ]
with his girlfriend from Ra Ra Riot
woo woo

but I didn't really talk to him
what if he asked whether I like their 3rd album
and i think it s shit
I could never say that
I really liked the Back Room
I used to wake up to that album for months
- not kidding -
and I respect them sah much

so yeah
i just took this paparazzi kind of photo
and stared at him for like the entire tour
on Milford Sound

oh god.

- I will see him and the rest of Editors again
on Sunset Sounds in Brisbane
in 2 weeks
should be great

Oh New Zealand
you have my heart

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