Monday, January 25, 2010


My first time to Sweden
and not my last

thank you Ryanair for letting us go there for only € 3, 75 + € 5, - booking fee
I don't see how you can manage to survive with these dumping prices
but I like it
don't you die Ryanair

this is me standing on the river that connects Kungsholmen to Södermalm (:

I love the Stockholm tram network

I love love love Stockholm's Urban Outfitters - I think it's even cooler than the ones in London, Hamburg & Antwerp

thus wus ut thu nutiunul gullery

the library

some shots of the historical museum (: (:

Oh Stockholm
I would like to visit you again
maybe in summer
maybe soon



  1. That UO looks way better than the one in Antwerp and the one in LDN. Damn.


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