Friday, December 30, 2011


2011 in pictures :

hanging, January '11.

red panda, February '11

analyzing, February '11

engagement, February '11

welcoming spring, March '11

groezrock, April '11

groezrock, April '11

hang, April '11

sky castles I, April '11

sky castles II, Apil '11

berlin, May '11

melting time, May '11

sky castles III, May '11

sky castles IV, May '11

honey, June '11

telefunken, June '11

MAZE, June '11

budapest, June '11

budapest, June '11

mont st michel, France, June '11

mont st michel, France, June '11

pinkpop, June '11

pinkpop, June '11

pinkpop, June '11

rock werchter, July '11

rock werchter, July '11

dour, July '11

dour, July '11

dour, July '11

cactus, July '11

cactus, July '11

pukkelpop, August '11

milk skin, August '11

sky castles V, August '11

kigu day out, August '11

londy londy, September '11

kigu day out, August '11

kigu day out, August '11

love like birds, September '11

bon iver day after, October '11

to all my friends, October '11

gang, October '11

bro, October '11

hang, November '11

brabo, December '11

2011 was gr8
I did not travel as much as I would have loved to maybe, but still was able to visit Budapest, Berlin, London & roadtrip in France.
and occasionally I stayed at my brothers in the Netherlands

these are my favorite gigs I attended this year.
I really enjoyed all of them but made a personal top 10 (chronological order) :

1. Maps & Atlases - Charlatan, Ghent - February 5th

2. Everything Everything - AB Club, Brussels - March 28th

3. WU LYF - AB Club, Brussels - April 26th

4. MAZE - secret party in the woods, Bruges - June 25th

5. Klaxons - Dour festival, July 15th

6. Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros - Pukkelpop festival, August 18th

7. Balthazar - Play festival, Hasselt - October 1st

8. Bon Iver - Vredenburg, Utrecht, - October 26th

9. BRNS - De Moeve, Lier - December 3rd

10. Crystal Fighters - AB, Brussels, December 7th

++ It was an amazing festival year w/ Groezrock, Pinkpop, Rock Werchter, Dour, Cactus, Marktrock, Reggae Geel & Leffingeleuren.
even Pukkelpop that was cancelled on day 1 because of a tropical storm was so much fun hey.

I am aslo quite happy to have organized a few concerts myself with a couple of friends
all these nights were so much fun

bring it on


  1. these pictures are perfect and speak a thousand words and memories.

    happy new year

  2. aah dat zag er een enorm leuk jaar uit ^^

  3. Ik denk dat het dringend nog eens tijd wordt voor 'hanging like it's 2011'. Mechelen met Naomi, Liza en Brent staat nog steeds op de agenda?

  4. @hobo:
    ja hang times id Gouden Vis !
    laat mij weten wanneer etc etc ! x

  5. 2011 was duidelijk een toppertje! Ik moet ├ęcht dringend meer foto's trekken als ik deze pareltjes zo zie.

    (haha, en de word verification was 'brocare')

  6. wat een fijne fijne foto's maak je toch.


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